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We are your Neighbors

To reach us you dial 541 not 1-800, so you’ll never hear “Is that by Portland?” or hear Oregon pronounced “Or-e-gone”. You’re not just a number, you are our neighbors who we see on the streett church, and at the store. 

Home & Auto Policies: Cheapest Can be Costly

Too many times the cheapest turns out to be the most expensive. We’ve seen people change insurance to save a few bucks only to find that the new policy left a claim uncovered costing them $1000’s. We start by providing the coverage you want and then find the most cost-effective policy to meet your needs.  

Farm & Ranch Insurance

We understand the unique needs of Oregon Farm families. Whether you have a Winery, Row Crops, Orchard or raise Sheep, Cattle, or Goats, we are committed to protecting your family’s farm. We are one of six agencies in Oregon to have earned the “Master” Farm Certification. Agri-business Insurance is who we are not just something we do.

Premier Insurance Group, It’s a Family Thing

Why are your here? If you’re a client looking for contact info  call us at 541.672.9414 or email to info@prmrins.com. If you’re just looking for cheap insurance then we’re not the place. If you want a fair price (and, yes sometimes its the cheapest) and the peace of mind of knowing that you have the best coverage available, an agency who works for you, not an insurance company, and is on your side 24/7, then you’re at the right place. For those who have a family member for their insurance agent, stay where you’re at. For those who’d like a family member as their agent, we have one thing to say: “Welcome Home!”. When disaster strikes in the middle of the night you can count on two folks to come to your aid: your family (hopefully) and the family at Premier Insurance Group (Always).    

Whether its protecting your Family, Business, or Farm we will always do our best to deliver the coverage that fits your needs, at the most cost effective price. We understand it’s not just an insurance policy, it’s protection for your family’s dreams and future. We understand the hard work that goes into building that business, buying that home, or planting next year’s crops, which is why we operate our business on a simple motto of: “Promise alot and Deliver More”. We often hear that we go above & beyond for our clients. Yes, we’ve done things like going to the scene of an accident to help a client’s daughter, helping an elderly client cut up a tree in their driveway so he can get to the doctor, or drive a client home to get her spare set of keys. The question isn’t whether we do things other don’t, but, rather, why doesn’t everyone? Truth be told, we’d do these things client, or not, simply because it’s the right thing to do.  

I have had my insurance with Premier Insurance for about 13 years and I have had exemplary service. The few claims I’ve had were handled with great efficiency and speed. I would recommend them to everyone

I own commercial real estate property in multiple locations, and insurance is difficult to keep track of. I put my trust in Premier Choice Insurance Agency to maintain my policies, so I don’t have to. They were able to keep my insurance policies with the same company to keep the paperwork minimal while giving me coverage I didn’t know I was living without for less money that I was paying with my previous agent. It was a great deal I couldn’t pass up, and I have been shown that it was a wise investment.

Premier Insurance has always gone above and beyond for us. In fact, they feel more like family instead of just an insurance agency

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